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Pizza Forever.

Introducing Pitfire ( Where Ancient Traditions Meet Culinary Craftsmanship

Step into a world where time-honored techniques and mouthwatering flavors collide. Pitfire, our ancient wood-fired kiln lined with stone, is the heart and soul of our culinary haven.

Immerse yourself in the rustic allure of fire-singed pizzas and handcrafted cuisine, meticulously prepared from the simplest, freshest ingredients. We take pride in sourcing many of our elements from local farmer's markets, embracing the essence of community and promoting social responsibility.

At Pitfire, we believe in embracing the art of seasonal creativity. Each day, our culinary maestros curate five to six tantalizing specials based on the availability of local ingredients. Expect a menu that dances with the rhythm of nature and surprises your taste buds with every visit.

The star of our culinary theater is our magnificent 625°F wood-fired oven, where pizzas are transformed into delectable masterpieces. With domes reaching soaring temperatures of 1,000°F, our pizzas achieve perfection in just two to three minutes. Witness the harmonious dance of flames and dough, as flavors meld and textures become ethereal.

Join us at Pitfire, where ancient traditions meet modern gastronomy, and every bite is a celebration of craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the warmth of our wood-fired haven and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable journey.

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