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Kings Fish House


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1521 W. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92867

Welcome to the House that Seafood Built.

A long time ago, we embarked on a road trip in search of the ultimate seafood experience. We traveled down the highways and byways, pulled up a seat, put on bibs, and soaked up the seafood experience: The no-name dishes with unforgettable flavor, the fresh-caught oysters and clams piled high, the hand-lettered specials on ancient chalkboards, and the savory simmer of every combination of spices imaginable…
The pleasure of preparing and sharing seafood was simple and genuine, and it brought out the best in everyone. Often we felt as if we’d been welcomed into somebody’s home. That’s what King’s Fish House is all about- and we’ve tried to bring all of these ideas together into one single, spectacular place, filled with camaraderie and celebration, and the things we love best!

From the roomy and relaxing dining room to the often-raucous lounge, King’s can serve the needs of a lot of people a lot of the time. Although the basic menu serves catfish, tilapia, and trout, the menu also includes the season’s catch such as the wild salmon from the Yukon River in Alaska either served in a hazelnut crust, a sushi roll, or in cakes seasoned with light orange soy vinegar. The soft shell crab from Maryland is also in season served in either a Piccata style, a lightly battered tempura style, or a southern deep fried style.

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